WP7 Apps of the Day: Reuters News, GST Calculator, Star Zed

Check out these hot Apps for your WP7 device:

GST Calculator
With this app, you will be able to calculate the final price of goods including some common taxes as in mostly countries like Good and Service Tax (GST) or Value Added Tax (VAT) and many other taxes.

This app lets the users to set the tax rate according to their countries and will also let you know that how much tax you would pay for that particular price of the product.
So, No more tax confusions!
This GST Calculator is free to download.

Reuters News WP7

This Reuters news, a WP7 app, provides you all the latest news through Reuters news feed on your windows phone. You can enjoy latest news, can read the latest articles and can also share these articles and news with your friends. You can choose the category of the news you want to read from the list of 27 new categories.
This app has an easy-to-use and friendly user interface and it automatically loads the set of categories last chosen by the user.
You can use this application in trial mode 5 times (10 minutes total).
One thing that you should know is that this app is neither supported by Reuters nor endorsed by Reuters. This application is available at a price of $0.99.

Star Zed
Prepare for the fight! Save the universe! Save the mankind! Start Zed is a game that provides 360 degrees unlimited area for shooters where you fight hordes of evil aligns while moving and dodging in any direction.
On defeating different enemies, you will be provided with different bonuses that will upgrade your main fire, secondary fire, your speed as well as you will get a recharge of 3 smart bombs that can be activated to get unleash tremendous fire power.
First of all choose you weapon configuration and then jump into the hyper space.
Its main features include more than 20 levels of non-stop action. You can unlock each level and can continue with that. You can use 3 fire modes for more than 10 power levels.
You can attack on enemies with unique different patterns. Nasty bosses are waiting for you at the end of each level. You can change many different backgrounds and locations at every level.
You can power up your main shot, store smart bomb energy, stay alive and raise you multiplier bar and there is ‘online leaderboard’ feature available.
This game is available at a price of $0.99.


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