WP7 Apps of the Day: ScoreHints MLS, Indian Portal, DSpot

Here are the WP7 Apps of the Day:

ScoreHints MLS
ScoreHints MLS is a wonderful app for soccer lovers. Now, you can get hints about the latest soccer scores by using this app.
You don’t need to check the scores by any other way as this app has everything in it. It provides you the hints about the situation of half time, close game, late replay etc. If you need hints about soccer, you definitely need ScoreHints MLS.
I am sure you will love it. You can download it for free.

Indian Portal
It’s a must-have app for all the Indian using Windows Phone 7 device out there. Let this app be in your phone and you will find yourself in the new world. A world-where everything will be according to your wish. Stay connected with India no matter where you are.Get all the Indian entertainment with this app. This app will provides you the full information regarding NEWS, TV serials. Not only that, this app will also let you stay-in-touch with Bollywood. This is not all. You can check the other features by getting this app in your WP7 smartphone.
Regarding its price, you can get it without spending a penny. Yes! It’s free.

It feels so bad when the person in front of you is talking about some interesting thing that happened recently and he asks any question about it and you don’t know the answer. You just say “I don’t know”. Well, if you have WP7 device, you can get rid of such a situation. Download DSpot and it will provide you the solution of this problem.DSpot is an app that actually provides you the details of the interesting and the latest happenings around the world.
It’s not for only this thing. If you are a sport lover, you will also like this app. It provides the latest sports information. Do you like entertainment? DSpot covers this field, too as it has the details about the entertainment-related news. It looks like you are in-touch with the whole world.
You can get this app for free.


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