5 Best & Free iOS Games in the AppStore

Many of you want to play the best games but with so many apps in the AppStore, you are not able to do that. Here, I’m listing the 5 best and free games for your iOS device with the download link given in the title of each game. Check these games out:

Zombie Life
You are a Zombie, newly risen in an unfamiliar town. Build your carrier, get a home and live life as you want but don’t reveal your zombie nature to the world.
There are different features and hairstyles and clothing options that will let you customize your look. You can decorate your home with cool and beautiful stuff. Scare the people but remember- it’s just for fun.

Contract Killer: Zombies
You have killed a lot of criminals. Now, it’s time to save the humanity. Save the zombie-infested city by killing zombies. Explode the zombie brains and get the best gaming experience and hours of excitement through this game.
There are a lot of survivors and you have to help them all. Get bonuses for headshots and multi kills. This task is for you. Are you ready?

Stupidness 3
One of the best games available for your iOS device, that will let you have more fun than Stupidness 2. If you have played the previous part, then you’ll surely like this one, too.
This app has a lot of highly unusual questions. Let your friends and family try it out and laugh how stupid they can be by their answers. Answers to questions are also provided, if you need them. You can post your IQ on Facebook.

Tap Fish 2
Have you played Tap Fish? Well, incase you don’t know-It’s the best aquarium app for your iOS device.
In this game, you have to rise a baby Clown Fish. Feed them, decorate the tanks and see your fishes grow. You don’t know what you’ll get when you breed Blowfish and Clown Fish. Check it out through this amazing, simple yet addictive game. I’m sure you’re going to like it as there are many other cool features that I haven’t discussed yet.

iNstein College
Learn, play and have a good time-all with this single app. Do you know that you can boil the liquid if you continue screaming at a glass full of water for 80 years? Many other facts are there. Take classes and get diplomas with this amazing free game.
There are easy, normal and pro subjects. Easy courses are those that are for children. If you are an adult, you should try normal and Pro courses. You can also share your knowledge with your Facebook and Twitter friends.

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