5 Best iOS Games: UNO, Jelly Defense, Tiny Wings, World of Goo HD, Air Penguin

These are the 5 Best iOS Games of the month. Check them out:

Air Penguin
It is an addictive game by which you can jump, fly and move through Antarctica. You can experience the adorable world of Air Penguin with high resolution graphics. It has multi-directional tilt control and two different modes of gameplay. While playing it you meet different sea creatures and also unlock many achievements.
This adorable game is available for only $.99.

World of Goo HD
It is physics based puzzle game with beautiful and surprising features. You can drag and drop living globs of goo to build structures, bridges and giant tongues etc. Its levels are mysterious, strange and dangerously beautiful. They have new puzzles, areas, and the creatures that live in them.
You can have this wonderful game only for $.99.

Tiny Wings
If you have dreamed of flying with tiny wings, this game is for you. You just jump from a hill, flap your wings and fly. You can fly as fast as you can. It’s very simple but game that requires skills. You can upgrade your nest by fulfilling different tasks.
You can purchase it for $.99.

Jelly Defense
This is an amazing game in which you have to defend jellies-the poor little creatures. You have to combine the Jelly forces using your tactical skills and wisdom and lead them to glory against their enemies. You are their leader and jelly savior in this game. By saving them you can become their hero.
Get Jelly Defense now for only $.99 and lose yourself in a magic, unique and beautiful world.

It is a classic game having brand new gameplay system. You just simply drag & drop cards using your finger on the screen. It has your all favorite cards. You can customize your game with 9 different rules. You can enjoy single or multiplayer mode and take on increasingly hard challenges in Tournament Mode.
You can purchase this wonderful game for $.99.

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