Amazing Offer for Xperia Play Users! Four EA Games for Free

Are you using Xperia Play? Are you a fan of EA Games? Than you surely have the right to know that the two companies have an amazing and exclusive offer for you. You can get the following games for free
· Battlefield Bad Company 2
· Need for Speed Shift
· Dead Space
· Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
It doesn’t matter which carrier you are using right now. Whether it’s Verizon or AT&T, you can still get this offer. Let me tell you what you have to do.
Go to the Xperia Play On-screen Game Launcher. You’ll see these four games. Once you connect to the network, a pop-up message will appear. Confirm it and you’ll have all these four games in your Xperia Play.
It’s not free for the lifetime. It’s a limited offer. You can get it for free before January 15th, 2012. These four games are really exciting and addictive. I think this is a Christmas gift from the Sony Ericsson and EA Games. A gift that everyone wants to have! Go! Grab these games now and start playing these fantastic games for absolutely free.

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