Android Apps of the Day: Attachments [Gmail Attach], VoiceAlerts, Astronomy Picture of the Day

Check these Android Apps out:

Attachments [Gmail Attach]
Have you ever tried attaching any other file to with your email except photos and videos? This app is the solution of your problem.
By using this app, you can send almost everything via email to your friends and family. It doesn’t matter if it’s a music file, an office document or an Android app, you can send it. There’s a built-in file manager that will let you attach any type of file to your email.
The app can only be launched when attaching a file and there’s no icon in the app drawer. I think many of you want this app in their hands.
You can get this app for absolutely free from the Android app store. Get it today!

If you want to use this app, you have to install the Text-to-Speech library as this app uses it.
Now you can get the voice alerts whenever there’s a missed call or an incoming call. It will speak the name of the contact. You can configure it to not speak while you are calling.
This is a great app and a must-have for those people who want some great features in their Android devices.
You don’t have to pay for this app. It’s free. Get it now!

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Do you love space? Want to see some extremely stunning photos of it? Get this app and it will let you see the pictures of the space right into your phone.
Everyday, there’s an image that will automatically be downloaded into your phone and you don’t have to set it as wallpaper yourself. The app will automatically set it for you. You can also brows the previous lists that this app has. You can read the descriptions about it and you can also set them as your wallpaper.
Not only that, but there are interesting facts about pictures of the universe that will increase your knowledge. The new version 3 also has Tablet/honeycomb interface. Now, you can get the amazing pictures in your tablets.
You can get this app for free.

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