Android Apps of the Day: DJ Studio 3, LED Flash Light HD, Car Tunes Music Player Beta

Check out these hot new android Apps:

DJ Studio 3
This is a very powerful DJ application named as DJ studio 3 with the help of which you can select and play any kind of song of your choice by just a single click on your phone.
If this app is not working efficiently, it is possible that this app is not supported with all the features. If this is the case, than you must deactivate the pitch feature and check the Pocket DJ that could be suitable for your device.
All the full version features are available with this unregistered version but the song play back limit is set to 1 min. This app is compatible with Nexus One, Nexus S, Desire, EVO 4G etc.

LED Flash Light HD
This is one of the best flashlight apps for you. It is very simple in design and easy to use.
You can get light instantly by pressing just single button. For a light source, it also uses the full screen of your mobile phone.
There are some recent changes in this app. Now your phone will not get lock while the light is ON. There are BUG fixes for some devices. This app can be installed on memory card. Its latest version available in market is 1.0.2.
It is free of cost.

Car Tunes Music Player Beta
Car Tunes Music Player Beta is an app that is used in cars and basically designed for the cars. This app acts as the hands-free and allows the driver to never leave to look at the road while driving which can be dangerous for him as most of the drivers used to do while driving on the busy roads.
Its voice search feature access and detects your voice so that you have no need to use your phone while driving. Just place it on the place where you want to and speak and drive comfortably. It is also supported with Google’s Car home feature that allows the driver to use the phone from car dock easily.
It is not that this app only works inside the cars. It also works with same efficiency outside the cars too. There are some recent changes with this app like this app has a fixed regression affecting widgets and library. This app is available with improved quality for HD devices and now this app prevents the device to get into the sleeping mode.

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