Android Apps of the Day: DroidShooting, MP3 Music Download Paradise, Z-Device Test

Check out these Android Apps of the Day:

A new type of shooter game is in the Android Market and it’s specially (I mean, TOTALLY) for the Android users. You want to check it out?
You have to shoot the target but it’s complicated than you think. The target is not in front of you every time. The target is approaching from all the directions and now it’s up to you, how well you can shoot. Get the real world-like experience with this game.
You can get it for free.

MP3 Music Download Paradise
This app is really for all the Android users who love music. This app will let you find the song that you like the most. There are millions of songs for you to listen. Find the one that suits your mood. Listen to it and enjoy the time that you really want to enjoy with your favorite song on your Android device.
Ready to try this out? Get it for free.

Z-Device Test
Really, I recommend this app to all the Android users. With this app, you can actually check out the strength of all the sensors that are present in your Android device.
You can check the GPS signal. You can check the cameras. You can check microphone. In short, you can check everything that is there in your device.
You can get this app for free. Link is given in the title. Check it out!

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