Android Apps of the Day: LINE, Turbo Downloader (Beta), Box

Check these Android Apps of the Day:

Whether you are using an Android or an iPhone, you can use this app. LINE is the fast and light messenger that lets you send free SMS and voice calls from your iPhone and Android devices. The app is really popular as there are more than a million downloads made already. It’s ranked no. 1 in the free app category in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Japan and Kuwait. You can enjoy group messages with up to 100 people. Now, you can send stickers, emoticons, location information and text to your friends.
You can get this app for free.

Turbo Downloader (Beta)
With this app, you can download the files 3x times faster than your usual download. Well, if you don’t know- this is the one and only accelerating app in the Android Market. I know you want it.
You can get also upgrade to TDM Pro version. In the Pro version, you can pause and remove any download. You can download multiple downloads at a time. You can get up to 10 connections per download. There’s a mini web browser with accurate download detection.
Remember! You cannot increase the bandwidth with the help of it as the speed is always limited by your service provider. This app increases your download connections to the servers.
Start the usual download by your browser. Once the download is detected, you can choose the Turbo Downloader to download it.
Get Turbo Downloader for free.

This is an app that lets you share files in a simple and secure way. You can easily store your files online and access content that is on your Android device. Not only this but this app will give you 5GB storage space for free.
There are more than 6 million users that are currently using this app. They rely on Box for simple and secure sharing. Do you know about Pandora, ClearChannel and TaylorMode? They are building collaborative mobile workforces with the help of this great and amazing app.
You can get this app for free. If you want, you can update to Box Business to sync files to your PC for offline access. Do you want to share files in a secured way? Get this app now!

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