Android Apps of the Day: MP3 Music Download Super, Night Vision Cam, Guns n Glory WW2

Check these Android Apps out:

MP3 Music Download Super
MP3 Music Download Super is a fantastic app by which you can search, download and play free music via different public search engines. It is a powerful download manager having various music charts and wonderful music library. It shows lyrics and album cover while playing the music. You can create your own ringtones. You can also assign your own ringtones to contacts. Wi-Fi is recommended for this app.
It’s entirely free. You can have it now. Definitely, you will enjoy it.

Night Vision Cam
Night Vision Cam is a night vision camera app. It turns your Android device into a color night vision device. It holds your device steadily and has real time display. It controls brightness, gain, Zoom and shuttertime. It supports four color modes and multi-threading. It can automatically take picture with time interval. You can also use an IR-illuminator to see at complete darkness.
This app is very popular and you must install it. It’s absolutely free.

Guns n Glory WW2
This gaming app refreshes our minds about the battles held in World War II. In this game, you have to decide your battle by getting ready with your grenades and bazookas to attack. This game is supported with different features.
It has thrilling defense action strategy. It has two forces that you can choose-U.S forces or Axis Germany. There are four different units to recruit from each side and with that, there are 12 challenging maps with 3 different difficulty levels.
This gaming app is free to install.

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