Android Apps of the Day: Speed Gun Lite , Photo Tools, Hotmail

Check these Android Apps out:

Speed Gun Lite
This is an extended part of Smart Tools series and I know most of you are definitely going to like it. With it, you can let your smartphone act as a speedometer. You can measure the speed of any moving object by touch. I told you that you’ll like it.
It’s very simple to use. Input the closest distance to the target and touchscreen must follow the target. If you want to measure the distance, you have to use range-finder. It supports all the Android versions.
You can get it for free.

Photo Tools
It’s one of the fastest growing apps in the Android market. This app is for the professional photographers. If you have some background knowledge about it, you can use this one.
Some amazing tools are there like Flash Exposure Calculator, Multiple Exposure compensation, Field of View Calculator, Minimal Shutter Speed Calculator, Timer, Stopwatch and the list goes on. You’ll like this one for sure.
This is a free version but if you want to get the full, you have to pay some cash. I suggest you should try it and if you like it, buy the one for you.

And finally, the official Hotmail app for Android has come in the market. You can have access to your emails on-the-go.
Push-email is there that will let you know via text message as soon as you get an email. You can also send the pictures using this app. You can also receive the attachments, send them or you can view them right from your phone. Calendar and contacts are synced.
If you have Android 2.1 or higher, you can get this app for absolutely free. Get it now and you’ll have the easiest way to get your emails.

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