Apple choosing Samsung to Build the Quad Core A6 Processor

We have heard about some clashes between Samsung and Apple in the last couple of days. Here, the thing is totally different. It’s rumored that Apple has chosen Samsung to build the A6 for it.
Talking about TMSC, it can pump out the chips using the 28 nanometer process. Whereas, Samsung uses the 45 nanometer process and the A4 and A5 chips that you are using in your iPhone4 and iPhone 4S are Samsung built. Smaller the chips, cheaper they will be and they can be clocked faster. In Korea Times, it has been written that no matter how violent the Apple and Samsung relationship went, Samsung it still going to give A6 to Apple.
An anonymous source who spoke to ‘The Korea Times’ has said that TMSC is going to make A6 chips for Apple but the quantity will be small. Now, what is the fact? Who the Apple will choose? It’s likely that Apple wants to switch orders from one to another to let them drop their prices a little to get the order. Let’s see who will get it. Stay in touch and we’ll post anything we’ll hear about it.

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