Apple’s event: Few hours left

Let’s talk iPhone. That’s what Apple has said in the picture that we are seeing above. iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S? The answer is still unknown.
A long time has passed and we have not seen anything new from the Apple. People are waiting for the next iPhone. They know it was the one that brought the true fun and entertainment to your phones. We don’t know why they let us wait for so much time. Rumors were that new iPhone launch was expected in June or July. It was the fake one. After that, we heard that iPhone is going to be launched at the end of this year. This rumor is true.
There were some other questions that were in the people’s mind. One was that whether it’s iPhone that is going to be launched or iPad? Well, as Apple has said “Let’s talk iPhone”-That means that we are expecting to see iPhone. The other one was that whether there will be one iPhone or two? The answer to this question is still unknown but just few hours are left for this answer.
The other thing that comes to our minds right now is that there is so much good looking, sexy and handsome smartphones in the market today and many are going to be available later this year. In other words, the market is full of great-featured handsets. Will the new iPhone be able to win the hearts of the people? Will it dominate? Wait for just few more hours.

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