Best 5 WP7 Apps: Thumba Photo Editor, Pictures Lab, Fantasia Painter, Depth of Field 7, Photo Splash FX

Looking for the best photo Apps for your windows phone 7 devices? You have come to the right place. Check these apps out and let us now your reviews about these.

Thumba Photo Editor
It's one of the best photo editing app available in the WP7 market. There are more than 70 high quality effects and adjustments and you can implement them easily on your pictures. You can zoom and check whether it’s good than the original one or not.
Resize the photo, crop it, rotate it, flip it, remove red eye, mirror it and there are a lot more other features that you will surely like. There is a variety of filters available for you including retro, vintage, HDR, soften portrait and many others. You can share your pictures easily on your favorite social network.
Get the trial version for free. Trial version lets you do everything except share, save and using GPS. You can get the full version for just $0.99.

Pictures Lab
If you want to make your photos more beautiful and attractive, this is the app you must try. There are about 300 modifications that you can apply on your photos. The UI is user friendly and let you apply the most attractive effects in as easy way as possible.
There are many high quality filters and features available for your phone. If you have WP 7.5 version, then there’s a built-in take photo functionality with face detection and many other features. There are 30 controllable and advanced effects that you will like.
You can try the app for free but if you want to access full features, you have to pay $1.99.

Fantasia Painter
This app provides you the easiest way to create amazing pictures. Even if you are new to photo editing, this app will let you edit your photos like a pro.
There are many effects that you can use to give your photo a great look. You can use the Mold effect to enlarge muscle, change face and body shape and many more. You don’t have to get involved in how to edit. Just use the app and look at your photos by applying different effects quickly and effectively.
There are many brushes for you like eye color, sketch, fairy lights and more. There are 30+ effects including colorize, Dark Dream, Mold and many others.
You can get the trial version for free. Full version can be purchased for just $1.99.

Depth of Field 7
This app is for the professionals. There are visual sliders that are touch capable. There are full and half f/stop scales. It remembers your last settings so that you don’t have to adjust every time you start the app. It also has support for film and cinematography formats.
You can restore and save the settings from the phone locked screen. There is an extensive camera wizard that will let you know about c.o.c values. It also has support for imperial unit systems.
You can try the app first. There are no time limitations in the trial version. Get the fully functional app for just $1.29.

Photo Splash FX
Apply filters and make your photo more attractive and sexy. You can apply different filters and this app will let you make a beautiful picture in just a few minutes. The user interface is quite simple.
There is a variety of effects available. Just apply an effect and use your finger as a brush and pinch on those places where you want to bring back the applied effects. Zoom in and zoom out to bring the effects back more easily and efficiently.
This app works in Landscape mode as well as in portrait mode. You can undo multiple times and this app will automatically restore your last work session. There are more features coming soon.
Try the app for free (sharing not allowed in trial version). Buy the app for just $0.99.

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