Best WP7 Apps: Mango Compass, Best WP7 Apps Lite, FastBall 2

Check these WP7 Apps out:

Mango Compass
Are you using Windows Phone 7.5 Mango? Yes? Then get this app. It’s simple, easy-to-use and useful app for all of you out there.
All the basic compass features are there and the UI is quite friendly. Please note that if you have installed final released version of 7.5 Mango, then this app will work correctly. The reason is that this version supports the Motion API that is required by the app to work correctly. If your phone does not support this feature, this app will let you know.
You can get this simple but useful app for free. Yes! Free!

Best WP7 Apps Lite
I know, many of you were waiting to see something like this and it’s finally here.
This app will let you know the best rated, fast growing apps that are available in the Wp7 marketplace. This is the Lite version and it will give you access to 20 apps in each category. This is ad-supported. If you want more from the app, you can get the full version. It will give you access to about 200 apps in each category and it’s free of ads.
The app has 5 categories for best apps.
If you want to get the Lite version, it’s free. Yes, check it out and if you like it, you can get the full version.

FastBall 2
It is an addictive game for Windows Phone 7. It is faster and has more fun than ever. It’s very easy to play. You just have to control a rolling ball. There are many hurdles on the way and you just have to avoid these hurdles by jumping. You will make it jump by tapping the screen.
FastBall 2 contains 105 action packed levels that you have to do in 3 level packs. Play with concentration as well as a good and effective decision-making to choose which path to follow to reach to the end of the level.
Have fun playing this awesome game. Install it for free.

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