BlackBerry Apps of the Day: Books on Wink, ETF Central, Advanced Ruler for Blackberry

Check these BlackBerry Apps out:

Books on Wink
This app helps the BlackBerry users to access more than 350,000 books regarding philosophy, business, entertainment, arts etc. With all these available, you can also read DRM free book as a generic ePub Reader.
This app is supported with various features like you can enjoy a great variety of books and you can develop your own library. You can download the books or can read offline. You can enjoy the readings with easy navigation features and you can zoom or adjust the settings according to your easiness.
You can also set the font styles from a variety of font styles available. You can adjust it for Day Mode and if you are using it at night, Night Mode is also there.
This app is free to download.

ETF Central
This BlackBerry app allows the users to view all the market lists with 15 minutes delay. Users can view the educational resources, link to the brokers in market online for ETF trade purposes. They can also track the upcoming ETF events etc. They can do everything while sitting at home through their BlackBerry with this app.
You can also share the information with friends via Facebook or Twitter. You can do these things by using the ETF browser. You can track and compare multiple ETF and can also create your own portfolio with MY ETF feature.
With ETF News, you can update yourself with top industry conditions and can read or watch different articles from top Canadian Newspapers.
With ETF Events, you can get lists of recent events and can add them to your calendar and you can also share them with your friends via Facebook and twitter.
This app is free to download.

Advanced Ruler for Blackberry
This app allows you to convert your BlackBerry smartphone into a perfect ruler with the help of which you can measure the size of an object even if it is larger from your screen.
It doesn’t matter where you are. Whether you are in a shop or in the shopping mall, if you want to measure any size like the size of nail or diameter of anything, you can measure with this app easily and accurately.
This app can measure with much precision. It automatically adjusts the object on the screen to measure its size and it supports inches and centimeters. There are 4 different themes available in this app. You can set the theme of your choice. This app is available at a price of $1.99.

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