BlackBerry Apps of the Day: Cooklet, WhereAmI, Ottawa Senators

Check these BlackBerry Apps out:

This app is developed for food lovers to enhance their skills of cooking. They can learn the new techniques of cooking with this app on their mobile phones. With this app, you can make several changes to your cooked food and can introduce new things in your cooking. This app is so user friendly that maximum people can take advantage through this app.
There is a library for books containing cooking materials. It contains number of ways to get new recipes. It also contains various tools like measuring converters, shopping lists etc.
This app is free to download.

This BlackBerry app helps you to get information about your location. With this app, you can find location information within the city up to approximately 300-500 meters and up to 1-1.5 km outside the city. You can get your location information by just sending SMS or and email to your friends. You can also view your location on the maps via BlackBerry maps or you can also view yourself on Google maps. With this app, you can any time get the information about your location at anywhere in the world.
This app is free to download.

Ottawa Senators
This BlackBerry app allows the users to get live scores, can enjoy TV videos, breaking news and many more entertaining features freely and at any time with your BlackBerry phone. You can enjoy any entertaining program by just a single click on your BlackBerry phone.
You can download this app and can enjoy various beautiful features. With this app, you can enjoy exclusive news updates. Along with these updates, you can also get your social networking sites updates like Facebook and Twitter on you BlackBerry.
You can get the score updates and stats on your phone. Along with scores and stats, you can also get the complete profiles of your favorite players with this app.
You can also get the different photos of beautiful views, players and many other things. You can watch exclusive videos programs on SENS TV.
This app is free to download.

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