BlackBerry Apps of the Day: Menu Clock, International Snooker HD, SimCity Deluxe

Check these BlackBerry Apps out:

Menu Clock
With this app, you can easily view current date and time even if you using any app. So, the date and time will be with you even if you are playing a game, raeding an e-book or doing anything else.
The format of date and time is configurable and you can set it according to your will. The installation is quite easy and you don’t need any boring device robot for this. Turn the app on or off any time you want.
Get this app for free. Free! Man.

International Snooker HD
Love Snooker? How about competing at an international level to tell everyone how much skills do you have?
You can also play with your friend in a quick game. Take part in an 8 rounds tournament which includes the professional players. There is a realistic ball physics. The graphics are cool and the power control is accurate. There are different difficulty levels-choose the one that suits you. There are full rules and instructions.
Game is auto saved when each ball is potted so that you’ll not loose that game if it accidently closes. You’ll enjoy the gameplay and the game is very addictive.
You can get this game for just $3.99. Download and enjoy hours of fun.

SimCity Deluxe
It’s the 1st instant mobile Jigsaw Puzzle game that provides you more fun than any other puzzle game.
Most of you already know about this game. For those who don’t know- It’s a game in which you can build your dream city. Not only that, but you also handles the economy and many other issues. Let’s see how well can you run the city?
There are 7 different multi faceted scenarios that you have to face. World famous locations are here in this game. Build your own dream city on these locations.
Everything is not as simple as you think. There will be different natural disasters that will come including winter, spring, fall and autumn. Face multiple disasters at once or do as you like.
You can get this amazing game for just $6.99. Are you willing to play? Download it today!

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