BlackBerry Apps of the Day: Movie Freak , The Game of Life, Bejeweled 2

Check these BlackBerry Apps out:

Movie Freak
If you love watching movies, then this theme is made for you. It’s just awesome, you will definitely love it. It has customized battery meter and signal meter. You can move from one mode to other by just one click. You will press SPACE to switch to cinema mode, E to turn off the light and R to turn it on. If you want to switch to fullscreen mode then you will press ESC.

You can also use 10 changing pictures from your own memory card in a very simple way. Use it and enjoy.
You can get it for only US$0.99.

The Game of Life
This is an amazing gaming app for BlackBerry users that can be played by all family members any time on their BlackBerry. This game can be played as a single or in multiple modes of 3 players.
You have to just navigate the animated tokens in all the windings of the roads and lush landscapes with the easy controls.
You can enjoy for hours and hours by playing this game and can also recreate your life each time you start to play. You have to make choices either you will be paid for your performance in the game or you will lose everything.
This game is available at a price of $6.99.

Bejeweled 2
This game can be played in 3 different ways anytime on the blackberry. In this game, your task is to match the gems 3 at a time to burst them or you can burst 4 to get extra scores and bonuses.
You can play this game in three modes. If u are a beginner and want to play simple and easy game then you must play in classic mode and simply match the gems. If you want to play the game by competing against the time, then you must play game in action mode and for more fun you must go for Zen State for Endless play.
This game is available in the market at a price of $2.99.

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