BlackBerry Apps of the Day: Oracle Open World 2011, Business Security Checklist, FoundIt

Check these BlackBerry Apps out:

Oracle Open World 2011
The Oracle Open World app gives a comprehensive view about all the things with Oracle Open World. From October 2-6, 2011 the annual conference of oracle customers, partners and technologists is taking place at San Francisco.
You can attend all the activities, meet all the people or you can do each and every thing all on your mobile device.
It has a number of features like you can get all the daily conference updates on your mobile device. You can get information about the keynotes, activities and occurring of events at different places.
You can access Schedule builder where the daily attendees of the conference can update their schedule directly from the app. You can also get access to social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc.
You can link to maps, local hotel schedules etc. You can also link to local restaurants, tour information and can show your badge discount program directly from this app.
This app is free to download.

Business Security Checklist
This app helps you to find the potential risks or weak points and helps you to check and improve the security of your business.
With this check list app, you will never forget anything in life. This app will allow you to manage your time and do each and every thing accordingly so that you must be prepared for each and everything at any time.

With this app, you can create your own individual list and can save multiple different lists. You can add your own entries from the suggested list of entries. You can also see your progress immediately and can compare your progress with different progress lists saved. You can create your own categories and can change the name and category of existing entries. You can also get easy and quick access to your last used lists.
This app is available in market at a very small price of $1.99.

FoundIt helps you to get the information regarding nearest restaurants, movie timings etc all on your black berry phone. You can search for any place around you with this app.
With that you can do many things more like you can save those searched sites as your favorites and can check in so that you’ll memorize that time when you were there.
You can look pictures and videos saved by other users and you can read all the reviews before entering the sites. You can also send all this information to other users or your friends via email.
This app is free to download.

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