BlackBerry Apps of the Day: Scan to PDF Free, Slide 2 Open, iTransfer Lite

Check these apps out:

Scan to PDF Free
Now you don’t need to create a PDF by taking pictures with your camera, edit them, export as a PDF and send by email. You also don’t need to use a scanner and computer to create PDF files. It’s very simple with Scan to PDF. You just have to grab your phone and make those PDF’s you need.
You can create PDFs from receipts you need to save or create a professional looking PDF from that small paper document you need to send and it doesn’t take much time.
You have to load images using the camera of your device; you can also select one from the memory. You can even load a whole folder which contains images. All created PDFs can be saved and edited. Default things like deleting PDF or pages, renaming them, changing the order of the pages, preview an image are also available in this app.
It’s absolutely free. There are many additional features that you can get in a paid version.

Slide 2 Open
There are many things that happen accidentally to the users of smartphones when their phones are in pockets like accidentally if they touch their screen any app will open or while the phone is in pocket accidentally call will be made.
So, this app is developed for the BlackBerry users and is the locking app that locks the touch screen of your smart phone to prevent the accidental happenings. Now, everything would be according to your desires and everything will happen when you will want it to happen.
This app also provides you the facility to open any app whenever you want. No app will open until and unless you will unlock the screen of your smartphone to open it. This app is available at a price of $0.99.

iTransfer Lite
This app is developed for the BlackBerry users and it allows them to transfer their contact information with different persons on their phones via different operating systems.
This app is supported with single-contact transfer facility but with the help of it users can receive unlimited data and can also store that data in their phones easily. This app is the first priority of BlackBerry users whenever they want to buy a new phone. This app is free to download.

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