BlackBerry Apps of the Day: Slideshow, WORMS 2: ARMAGEDDON (IN), Dead Space for BlackBerry Playbook

Check these BlackBerry Apps out:

Slideshow is an amazing app for your BlackBerry device. By this voice chat app, you can share slideshows of your photos with your friends and family.
You can share slideshows very easily. You just have to start voice chat and then switch to slideshows by using multi-tasking capabilities of your BlackBerry. The slideshow of your photos will be replicated on the other user's BlackBerry as you move from photo to photo. And you can share your latest adventures. It keeps your friends and family up-to-date. You need two BlackBerry devices and two apps to run this app.
This fantastic app can be purchased for $0.99.

This wonderful game is now available with more fun. It has many guns, game modes, more explosions and amazing locations. You have to send your worm platoons in a battle with cult-classic weapons. These weapons may include Banana Bomb and Super Sheep, the Concrete Donkey and Armageddon. It has now improved gameplay and new personalized worms.
You will definitely enjoy this game. So, just have it for only $1.99.

Dead Space for BlackBerry Playbook
This cinematic horror of the console game is with rich effects and atmospheric lighting. You can experience a wonderful gameplay as you struggle to survive. It has 6 varied environments. You can access the Plasma Saw, Core Extractor and 3 more weapons from the Dead Space universe.
It costs $9.99.

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