BlackBerry Apps of the Day: Moodagent, Chit Chat for Facebook Chat, Fabula Rosa

These are the Hot BlackBerry Apps of the Day:

Moodagent is a music player app for BlackBerry users that contains its own music library. It creates a playlist for the users from its available library. Library allows you to put all your favorite music to your phone so that you can access them at any time easily.
This app works according to your mood. You can play the track according to your mood. You can also search for the track online according to your taste. This app allows you to create the playlist from the music library according to your wish and taste by setting the mood slider or seed track.
You can also discover new music of your choice online by just a single click. With that, you can also share your feelings regarding your taste and mood for music with your friends via Facebook and Twitter etc.
There are some new features available with the app. You can get online recommendations according to your choice and taste. You can disable individual slider option. You can listen and buy the recommended track from 7 digital stores available.
There are also some features that users like the most. This app automatically add music to your profile that matches you mood, instrument taste, production style etc. Users can also instantly create playlists of their choice. They can save and play the music from their favorite playlist at any time.
You can purchase this amazing app at a price of $1.99.

Chit Chat for Facebook Chat
This app allows the users to have their chat on Facebook through their BlackBerry. Although users continue their chat on Facebook but this chit chat app allows them to have their chat efficiently and easily.
This app is developed for the regular Facebook users who used to have hundreds of friends on Facebook and continues their chat or messaging all the time. Are you one of them?
This app uses visual, audio and vibrating notifications mode to notify the users about their notifications or their messages. They can also change these settings. They can change message styles, fonts, backgrounds themes etc.
This app is free to download.

Fabula Rosa
This app can be used for security purposes by BlackBerry users. With this app, you will be able to get different passwords for your different accounts. It is supported with 850 characters taken from ‘UTF 16 characters set’ that includes 65535 characters.
There are QR codes available for touch-less secure authentication. You have to choose an account which will be you recipient login. You have to choose a color with direction to draw your image on a virtual compass rose.
This app can be useful for you in many ways like you are independent of third parties you only possess the image which is in your mind. No one can interrupt in your working. You can change the image any time when you want.
This app is free to download.

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