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You are an enforcer or CONTRACT KILLER in this game. This wonderful game takes you into a world of bounty hunters, mobsters and criminals. Here, you have to accept secret missions that only you can handle and you should also check in with your contacts. It has different weapons like sniper rifles, assault rifles and machine guns. You can select weapon of your own choice, then you will locate your target, zoom in, take aim and go for the headshot to earn cold hard cash. You have to escape yourself and kill the crime boss.
In this game, you will prepare your mission and then take advantage by earning points. It has unlimited missions and amazing 3D locations. It has 20 deadly weapons. You can use these weapons and also decide whether you want your target alive or dead.
Recent changes in this game cause many gameplay improvements. You can get it free of cost.

Backgrounds is a fantastic app that you must have in your Android device. It updates new wallpapers everyday and provides images faster than any other background apps. It provides high quality images and high usability using cache system. You can crop image, save in SD card, search by different categories and also share images on Twitter, Facebook or Kakaotalk.
You will be able to talk to people with similar tastes and use auto-rotate wallpapers feature after future updates. It supports all 26 categories-further will be added soon. It’s absolutely free. Get this awesome app now and enjoy different backgrounds everyday.

MP3 Music Download
MP3 Music Download is a simple and easy-to-use app by which you can download free music to your smartphone from internet search engine. It is the most efficient tool of music on the market.
For music search and download, Wi-Fi is recommended. You can preview and download music. You can manage music and set mp3 downloads as your ringtones or alarms. It uses less memory, save power and support multi languages.
Get it free of cost and enjoy your favorite music with ease.

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