Google Announced its Third Quarter Earnings

Google has finally announced its 3rd quarter earnings and as we all expected it seems to be growing up. There are $9.72 billion in revenue and this figure is 33% more than what it was in the 3rd quarter of 2010. Talking about the net income, it’s now 2$2.73 billion that is more than it was in 2010 ($2.17 billion).
It looks like the good time for Google is here. Interesting news is that Google+ has passed 40 million marks. The users of Google+ are increasing day by day.
Do you want to know some interesting thing about Android phones? Yes? Well, there are now 190 million Android phones activated around the world and that is confirmed by the CEO, Larry Page. It’s so much and that means that Google is going to get some great profit. Well, how long will that last? Nobody knows. But for now, let’s say congrats to Google.

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