iOS 5 now available

This was the talk about iPhone 4S. Another important thing is that it will run the iOS 5. There are many new things that you’ll see in this update including improved Safari Browser, revamped notification system etc. There will be a new feature known as Sir which is the new type of voice command system. As this OS is in your iPhone 4S, you have to hold the homescreeen button for a while and it will take your naturally spoken questions and provide you the relevant information. The information can be about any thing like GPS directions, restaurant locations etc. Wolfram Alpha and Wikipedia have collaborated with Apple to provide you the best quality. It can support English, French and German and it’s not necessary for your queries to be stiffly structured. There is more languages support coming soon.
Apple iOS 5 also has the iCloud that will let the users to setup their iOS devices without plugging to iTunes. Well, that’s a good thing and we all will get rid of the long procedure that we have to use to update. You can also sync your media with iOS devices without needing a cord. Let’s see when we’ll see the iOS 5 in other devices.

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