iOS Apps of the Day: Animoog, AppZapp HD, Instapaper

These are the hot iOS Apps of the Day:

This is the first polyphonic synthesizer that is specially designed for the iPad users. It’s powered by Anisotropic Synth Engine (ASE) that will let you move dynamically along X and Y axis so that you can create a soundscape.
There is a very vast sonic vocabulary and it will let you sculpt dynamic sounds and when you will play them, sounds will live, breathe and evolve. This is surely the next level for the music production and this unique app is available only for iPad. You can simply slide your fingers to control the multiple modulation parameters. There will also be a classic style ping pong delay. I think if you love music, you must check it out. It’s quite interesting. There are many more features that you can check out for yourself.
There’s an introductory price of $0.99 for thirty days. Later, this app will cost $29.99. Get it as soon as you can.

AppZapp HD
Some people also say that it’s the mother of all iPhone apps. With it, you will never miss any sale again. Hundreds of 'price drops' happens everyday in the AppStore and this app will find the changes very fast and it will never let you miss the good and on-sale apps again.
This app will let you know the detailed information about every product and its seller. The new version will also let you know about the old price so that you can compare how much price drop has been made. More filters and sort options are added in the app.
This app is available for free in the AppStore. Get it now!

I know many of you are using this app. There is an update for this app that I’ll let you know But first let me introduce this app to the new ones.
This app will let you read the long articles and blogs that are on the internet and if something happens while you are reading, you can read it even when you are offline. You can even browse the articles that your friends have posted on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. You can even adjust the fonts, line spaces and even margins. There’s also an option in which you can control the brightness so that you’ll find it easy to read it even in the night. You can even share on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and many other websites.
Update includes many things like the interface is completely redesigned for iPad. You can multi-select articles in list to archive or you can even send it in bulk. YouTube URLs can now be opened in the in-phone YouTube app. Tweetbot is added in the Share Panel. These are not all. Check it out and see the improvements for yourself.
Get this app for just $4.99

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