iOS Apps of the Day: Gravity Guy, SHADOWGUN, Read It Later Pro

Gravity Guy
There is a world where gravity is broken. He has been held captive for a long time and now he has decided to escape from there. Are you ready to help him?
The game has amazing graphics and you can also use the local Multiplayer Mode to play with your friends. You can practice the game by selecting the Practice Mode. There are two other modes named as ‘Story’ and ‘Endless’. The game music is also awesome and if you want to play a song of your own while playing it, the game music will automatically switch off. The gameplay is simple but you can select the tutorial mode if you think that you need it.
You can get this game for free.

In this game, you have to infiltrate Dr. Simon’s mountain fortress. He has built his own mutant army and if you want to get your hands on him, you have to defeat some army and his guards first.
Enemies will try many ways to take you down. The graphics are brilliantly awesome-Beautiful lighting effects and superb rendered environments will let you have an awesome fun while playing it.
Some issues have been fixed (that were with iPad2 and iOS5). You can get this addictive game for just $4.99 but I’m sure you’ll definitely enjoy this amazing game.

Read It Later Pro
Sometime it happens that when you are searching the web, you find some interesting and great articles and blogs to read but you don’t have enough time to read it. Well, this app is specially for this purpose. You can view them later or add them to the reading list.
Save the articles from anywhere whether you are using the computer or mobile device. This app also remembers where you left off so that you’ll not find it difficult to start reading again from the page you left. You can share it to Facebook, Twitter etc. Use the full screen option to read what you want, easily. It’s nice to use this app when you don’t have the internet access.
Get this app for just $2.99. I know you’re going to like this one.

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