iOS Apps of the Day: PaperDesk, Fuji Leaves, Alarm Clock

Check out these iOS Apps of the Day:


This app is developed for the iPad users. This app allows the users to make their notes and save them in the form of note books in their iPads. In the full version of paper desk, there are unlimited number of pages with the help of which users can easily remember that where they left their work or from where they have to resume again.
In Paper Desk Lite, users are limited to just 3 pages for each notebook but I am not confirmed about Paper Desk. You can try it free of cost and feel the difference.
There are number of amazing features available in this app. With this app, you can easily reach that point of recording by just typing the word for that particular place while playing any audio music.
You can easily import PDF’s from other apps or download from iTunes and insert images directly from photo library or camera. This app provides an easy access to to provide facility to users to store their notes and backups.
You can rest their wrist while drawing any image. You can share unlimited number of pages via email or upload your complete notebooks on Google Docs or share via twitter. You can organize your notebooks by specifying the times and dates and keep the list of their tasks in their note books along with the notifications.
There is an easy protection of notebooks. Users can protect them with a password. This app is available at a price of $0.99.

Fuji Leaves
Fuji Leaves is a music app which produces the musical sounds with the help of leaves and stones. When the stone hits the leaf it produces the sound and it all depends on the way how stone strikes the leaf.
This app is developed to help you get yourself relax in a way you want. You can add and remove stones as well as leaves in a way you want to relax yourself. You can easily move and rotate the leaves and stones according to the combination of music that you want to listen to.
You can save and load the songs that you make and you can also download your friend’s song. These songs that you make can also be shared with friends and others via Facebook or twitter.
This app is free to download.

Alarm Clock
This alarm clock app is developed for iPhone users. It is easy to use and there are number of features available in this app.
This app is a multi-tasking app. Alarm will even ring if the app is in the background. There are almost 160 beautiful styles of clocks available in the app.
Unlimited number of alarms can be set even when the app is available in the background. There are accurate and reliable weather conditions available that let you know about the recent weather conditions.
This app is available at a price of $1.99.

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