iOS Apps of the Day: Quick Office, Tower Madness , Verbs IM

Check out these hot apps:

Quick Office
This app is a Microsoft office app for the iPad users with the help of which users can open, edit and share their files on share plus pro app.

Users can create, edit, save and view their ppt presentations any time through their iPads. They can make changes in the text like font color, font size etc. They can also view their slides in slide view mode or on an external monitor and can also make graphical changes like addition of graphs, shapes in their documents.
There is a built-in laser pointer for presenting purposes. Users can save their files in PDF format. They can print their document with iOS air print feature and can also share their documents on Slide share, Scribd etc.
It’s expensive. This app is available at a price of $19.99.

Tower Madness
This gaming app is the first hit gaming app by Zombie gunship and Nuts. This game is available with many beautiful features.
This game is supported with 3D retina display that lets you zoom down and helps you to take an easy action. There are 17 different enemies in this game. There are 9 weapons available with 5 more upgraded weapons Plasmatron, Laser Cannon, Mortar etc.
This game is supported with 49 maps in various and critical environments like in snow, desert etc. You can also purchase 28 different types of amazing maps. This game has a feature of global leaderboards that shows you your daily, monthly and weekly rankings in the game.

Verbs IM
This is an amazing messaging app which is supported with various features. Like it supports Google Talk, Facebook, AIM and MobileMe apps. You can get your local notifications of messages for 10 minutes duration.
You can also send photos via Cloud App and Droplr. You can also mark links to view your messages later via Instapaper. You can send chat logs in beautiful modes and styles via emails. This app displays all the GTalk and Aim friends in your address book.
With all that included, you can also stay logged in for 7 days and it saves your battery timings by connecting you to all networks with this single app.
This app is secure, encrypted and reliable. It is available at a price of $0.99.

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