iPhone 4S shipping within 2 weeks: Over 200,000 pre-orders

iPhone 4S was announced on 4th October, 2011. AT&T has made it available for shipping. The amazing thing is that after a long waiting for new iPhone launch, people have welcomed it with warm hands. There are over 200,000 pre-orders during the first 12 hours of availability for shipping. Isn’t amazing?
It’s the only one smartphone in the U.S that operates on 14.4 Mbps HSPA+. After placing the order, you only have to wait for a week or two before you get your hands on this sexy smartphone. Well, 200,000 orders within the first 12 hours seem to be great success. May be one of the reason is that people want to give tribute to the greatest personality who is no longer with us. You know about whom I am talking about. Another reason can be that iPhone fans were waiting for too long for the new iPhone to come. Here I am talking only about AT&T. About Verizon and Sprint, I haven’t discussed. Let’s see what they will get. I think that would not be a secret for too long.

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