No Total Equipment Protection For iPhone by Sprint

If you want to protect your investment in iPhone 4S, you can’t do it by the Total Equipment Protection Plan. This is not what I am saying but these are on the official page (As you can see in the picture).
Whether it’s iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S-Both will be treated as exchange-only models. If you want some more peace of mind, you can get it through AppleCare+ but you have to pay additional $99 for that. First, you have to spend some cash to buy it and than these additional $99 seems like an additional burden. But again, there’s something that will make you spend these $99. You are purchasing a handset by cashing in a lot of money and in case if it damages accidently, you should be having a way that you can use to get it fixed. If you think like this, then this $99 is a big savior for you.
Are you willing to spend $99 or you want to take a risk? Choice is yours. You have to decide.

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