Nokia C2-05 and X2-05 Going to be Available at the End of the Year

These new S40 phones are unveiled by Nokia. They will be including the new Nokia S40 browser that will use the Nokia’s own compression technology for faster browsing and using less bandwidth.
The Nokia C2-05 has a 2 inch QVGA display and it’s very much like the other C2 models. The handset also includes Twitter and Facebook apps. There will also be a microSD card support up to 32GB. Other features that it will have are Bluetooth, VGA photo camera, FM Radio and Media Player.
Talking about the Nokia X2-05, it will be having a 2.2 inch screen with a QVGA display. Many features are very much like the Nokia C2-05. It has microSD card support for up to 32GB. It will be having a VGA camera, Bluetooth and Facebook and Twitter apps. Media Player will also be included.
As we said the both handsets are available at very cheap rates. You can get the Nokia C2-05 for just €50 and that is the price before any taxes and subsidies whereas, X2-05 is a bit cheaper than Nokia C2-05. You can get it for just €46. Not smartphones but still good for those who want some cheaper mobiles for everyday use.

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