Transform your iPad into a Guitar by Using iTar

Surely, you love your iPad. There are many new apps and games that keep coming for your iPad but what we have heard coming is different from these things. Star Labs created are working on iTar that will transform your iPad into a functional guitar. You can use it as a guitar or there will be many apps that will let you make it any instrument you want. You know what I’m talking about. Right? Star Labs is a company that is famous for making guitars. They have decided to done something other than producing usual guitars. It will be like snapping onto iPad like a shell and the next thing that you want is the desired app that will let you use as any instrument you want.
Unfortunately, this accessory is very expensive. Star Labs wants to raise the $50,000 by 6th December. You can donate as low as one dollar but when your donation will reach up to $200, and then you will be able to buy the iTar. Probably, it’s the one of the most expensive accessories available and if you have that much money, you should consider purchasing iPhone 4S.
Check out the kickstarter page as there’s a line written “This Project will only be funded if at least $50,000 is pledged by Tuesday, Dec 6, 6:37 PM EST”.

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