Windows Phone Apps of the Day: Maze7, Silveos Phone, Converter

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Finally, a great classic Labyrinth game is now available for your WP7 device. There are five wood plates and you have to play wit the one steel ball.There is a blue zone on the wooden plate. The game is started from there. There are many traps like fan, gravity etc on your way and probably, many holes will be there. All you have to do is to avoid them and make your way to the finish zone. The controls of the game are amazing. You have to hold the phone horizontally and tilt to move the ball.

Let’s see how you rate it.
You can get this app for free from the Windows phone app market.

Silveos Phone
This app is developed by Taras Shavkonyuk and it’s a mobile version of the Most of you are aware of it. If not, it’s a Silverlight operating system. It’s a great app that simulates on operating system behavior.
If you have a good smartphone like Samsung Focus in your hand, this app will learn smoothly on it. The best thing is that you don’t need any installation for this as it’s executed in a dragable and resizable windows.
You can get this amazing app for free. Hurry Up! Download it today!

It’s a good 5-in-1 converter that will let you convert easily. It’s deigned in Pivot format. The UI is quite easy to understand.
You can convert the 5 various units with this app. You can convert Length, Temperature, Mass, Time and speed. There will be many converter apps in the Windows Phone App market but if you are sticking to only one app, you should change your mind. Try the new ones that are coming in the Market.
You can get this app for free. Yes! It’s free of cost. This might not be the best app in the market but definitely worth trying.

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