WP7 Apps of the Day: Farkle for WP7, Alawishus Pixel, Spin on it!

These are the hot WP7 Apps for today:

Farkle for WP7
This is a fantastic dice game with high risk and high reward. It’s almost everyone's favorite game. You can compete against other WP7 users online. You can compete others on Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and All Time Highs basis.

It’s entirely free. So have it right now.

Alawishus Pixel
This is an awesome game with which you can have hours of fun. Now, you can take Alawishus on-the-go as you move through the 40, old-school-tough levels of this single-screen platform.
In this amazing game, you can move through the high mountains. While wandering, Alawishus sees an opening to a cave to which he obviously decides to explore. Suddenly, the cave collapses behind him and he gets trapped. Now he has to push a block from the beginning of the cave and move towards other side of the cave. It will open the exit to the next level.
It has beautiful sounds, plenty of monsters, moving as well as switched platforms, slugs and guns to stand in your way. Moving further, you'll find signs written by another lost traveler left with the hope that you will be the one to save him. Following signs and tips, you can escape the caves and reach the ultimate goal of rescuing him.
The trial of this game is entirely free but it shows ads. The ads will be removed by purchasing the game. You can purchase it for only $0.99.

Spin on it!
A new kind of puzzle game is now available for your sexy WP7 smartphones. You have to drag the ring to make a color cluster and then hit the big Red button to make it explode.
This is a unique type of gameplay but you won’t find it difficult to learn it. There are 24 challenging levels for you and each one is difficult than the previous one. You’ll sure enjoy this game for hours and you’ll not get bored.
You can get this game from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. And it doesn’t have any price that you have to pay to get it. It’s free and gets it without spending a penny (except your internet connection charges).

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