WP7 Apps of the Day: Ghost Radar Classic, Fruit Fall , Penguin

Check these Apps out:

Ghost Radar Classic
Ghost Radar is an app that you can use to detect paranormal activity. It will use the various sensors present in your device for this purpose. It will detect on the basis of electromagnetic field, vibrations and sounds. So, next time you want to search for a paranormal activity, let this app to help you out.
The best thing in this app is that it will give the indications when some unique patterns show up. It will also let you know the sounds that it has detected. As the developer says, this app does not give any type of guarantees and this app is not scientifically verified. You can use it for entertainment purposes.
This app is available in the WP7 App market for free. Get it now!

Fruit Fall
Another amazing and addictive game for the WP7 users in which you have to pick the fruits from the trees and align them in onto the grid to make rows and columns. Don’t be slow as the fruits will fall faster and faster. Do you want some big points? I suggest you should create combos and multiple lines.
Don’t spend a penny to download this app. Get this for free and have some fun.

This gaming app allows the user to enjoy the flying and diving of penguins through a colorful landscape. With this app, you can take penguins to the heights and control them while flying and diving through your phones.
It has 14 levels to enhance your difficulty levels. New graphics are available in this app and each level is different from the previous level of game and therefore requires some more skills to complete it.
It is supported with great touch feature and can be played with just a single touch. Physics based simulation is available with beautiful penguins and atmospheric sounds that increases fun and enjoyment while playing.
This amazing gaming app is available at free of cost in market.

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