WP7 Apps of the Day:HangGlider, WLighter, Comics Trivia

It’s pretty good and based on novel idea. It has simple graphics. In this game you are a hang glider who must fly through hoops which give you points. You have to watch out for hoops which push you down but rewarding hoops push you up.
You can install it free of cost.

Comics Trivia

This is a mind blowing game that has over 2000 question about all of your favorite super heroes. It has a leaderboard that you can use to show your knowledge around the trivia community. You can show your friends how much you really know about your favorite super heroes of all time.
Enjoy this trivia game free of cost.

It’s an amazing app and most of you will definitely like it. You just have to flick your wrist to open up the lighter and that’s all. Great Sound effects! Many different Skins! Pretty good graphics! What else do you want?

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