Route 66 Maps for Android Phones

Route 66 Maps for Android phones has been launched recently and has been getting tremendous response in the android market. For a limited amount of time(for 30 days) the maps can be accessed free. Route 66 is infact the best in augmented reality navigation. The app provides an innovative, smart, and fun way to reach your destination.
Some of the features of the Route Maps:
  • Free access to the latest crystal-clear maps.
  • Stunning 3D content.
  • Handy links to Wikipedia and 14-day weather reports.
  • Free Text Search lets you find places with less effort.
  • 104 maps and clear spoken directions in 59 languages and dialects.
  • On-board and off-board maps.
  • Automatically download the map data you need while on the road, or store complete maps before you go.
  • Premium navigation.
With Route 66 you can get all the features of today’s leading navigation devices and more on your Android tablet or smartphone. Download the app for FREE.

ScanLife for iPhone Updated with New Features!

ScanLife for iPhone turns the iPhone camera into an all-in-one bar code reader. Scanlife was updated with new user interface which was amazing. The new version of ScanLife allows users to access the products being scanned by other people all over the world in real time.
Some of the features of ScanLife app for iPhone are:
  • Prices from over 25 different online retailers
  • Local prices to find the product near you (US only)
  • Reviews from Amazon & Best Buy
  • Related deals & coupons
  • Related accessories
  • Nutritional information & ingredients (US only)
  • You can even buy the product in a few clicks!
Download the app for FREE from iTunes.

Android 4.0 on Nokia N900

Nokia N900 was a beautiful maemo device which has the history of many operating systems ported into it. Recently Android Icecream Sandwitch has been ported to N900.

Check out the below video of Android 4.0 on Nokia N900. Its a pre pre alpha release.


Undelete Application for Android Phones

Undelete application for Android has been released. It allows the root users to recover any type of deleted file from the SD card or internal storage. This is the first application of its kind on Android platform.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • Fast scanning logic
  • Restore any file that has not been written over
  • Securely wipe/shred files
  • Works with images, video, music, archives and binaries
Download the app for Android phones from market(LINK). Its the initial beta version, so one can expect some bugs in it.

Onion 7 Updated for Mango

Onion 7 app for WP 7 is a must-have app for news lovers. The Onion app will get your daily fix of breaking news, video, radio-news and more - with the most current headline of your choice delivered via Live Tile.

Some of the features of Onion 7 v2.0 are:
  • updated for Mango (Windows Phone 7.5)
  • now supports Fast Application Switching
  • correctly shows apostrophe's that used to look garbled
  • article images post correctly on facebook in more cases now
Download the app for your windows phone from HERE.

Quick Office for Android Updated to 5.0

Quick Office for Android has been updated to version 5.0 with lot of new features. The app is a must-have in Android phones and tablets.

Some of the updated features of Quick Office are:
  • Support for Microsoft Office 2010 files.
  • Access and save to Evernote, Catch, and Egnyte.
  • Share files using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Docstoc, Scribd, and Yammer.
  • Updated user interface for easier navigation and control.
  • Freeze panes, split/merge cells, and wrap cell text in spreadsheets.
  • Create and indent numbered lists, bulleted lists in documents.
  • More fonts in documents and presentations.
  • Improved slide rendering and layout in PowerPoint files.
Download the app from HERE.

Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

Samsung has been releasing number of tablets and here is the new tablet Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus. Check out the review of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus:


Bluestacks can run Android Apps on Windows XP/ Vista

Bluestacks software has been updated and with it you can run Android apps on your windows xp/ vista OS. People who wanted to experience android games on big screen before buying can use this software.

Some of the features of bluestacks are:
  • Android apps fast and full-screen on your PC or tablet.
  • Push apps from your phone to your BlueStacks using our Cloud Connect mobile app.
  • May not work fast yet on older tablets and netbooks.
  • Its completely free.
Download Bluestacks for FREE.

iPad: New Google Search App

The new Google search app for iPad has been released today. There were many new features added to Google search app for iPad which makes it more interactive, more visual and help you to lot better with searching on iPad. Check out the below video to know about new features of Google search app for iPad:

Nokia Drive for WP7 vs Google Navigation

Check out the comparison between Nokia Drive for Windows Phone 7 and Google Navigation:


iWill HD and iWill XT Updated for iPad/iPhone

iWill HD and iWill XT, the task manager applications now arrived at versions 2.1 for iPad and 3.0 for iPhone, with a lot of new interesting features.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • Fully iOS 5 compliant.
  • Sync with Google Calendar: export your tasks, import events, merge tasks and events, fully bidirectional sync.
  • Added support for backup and restore of your data.
  • New User's Guide reader.
  • Added a calculator on the desktop.
  • When adding a new task, iWill HD and iWill XT automatically sets the task due date one hour after the start date.
  • In Today and This week views, you can now add a new task by tapping twice on a point of the screen corresponding to the task start date; iWill HD and iWill XT automatically sets the task due date one hour after the start date.

  • In Today and This week views, you can now drag and drop a task to change its start date/hour;

  • Search is now against the name, note and place fields of a task.
Download the app for iPad HERE and iPhone HERE.

SwiftKey X Keyboard for Android

SwiftKey X Keyboard for Android has been updated to version 2.2. The app uses artificial intelligence to help predict your next word as you type.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • Based on TouchType's advanced Fluency language inference engine.
  • Cloud-based personalization.
  • Various typing styles that suits you.
  • Personal input modeling.
  • High quality HD themes.
Download the app for FREE from android market.

Minecraft Pocket Edition for iPhone/iPad now Available

Minecraft Pocket Edition for iPhone and iPad now available in iTunes. With this you can imagine, create and build worlds on the go.

The game uses blocks to create masterpieces as you travel, hangout with friends, sit at the park, the possibilities are endless. Move beyond the limits of your computer and play Minecraft everywhere you go.

Some of the features of the game are:
  • Randomized worlds.
  • Build anything you can imagine.
  • Build with 36 different kinds of blocks.
  • Invite and play with friends to your world (local wireless network).
  • Save multi-player worlds on your own phone.
Download the game for $6.99 from iTunes.

Amazon Kindle Fire Review

Check out the review of Amazon Kindle Fire:


Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Features

Android 4.0 delivers a refined, unified UI for phones and tablets and introduces innovative features such as:

  • Android 4.0 builds on the things people love most about Android like easy multitasking, rich notifications, customizable home screens, resizable widgets, and deep interactivity.
  • Refined animations.
  • Home screen folders and favorites tray.
  • Resizable widgets.
  • The soft keyboard in Android 4.0 makes text input even faster and more accurate.
  • Android 4.0 introduces a powerful new voice input engine that offers a continuous "open microphone" experience and streaming voice recognition.
  • Lock screens now let users do more without unlocking.
  • Explore-by-touch mode feature lets users navigate without having to see the screen.
  • Quick responses for incoming calls.
  • Swipe to dismiss notifications, tasks, and browser tabs.
  • Control over network data.
  • Rich and versatile camera capabilities like continuous focus, zero shutter lag exposure, Stabilized image zoom, single-motion panorama, face detection etc.
  • Gallery app was redesigned with photo editor.
  • Live Effects for transforming video.
  • Hardware buttons make users to snap a screenshot and store it locally.
  • Sync and manage Google Chrome bookmarks.
  • Android Beam for NFC-based sharing. It lets people instantly exchange favorite apps, contacts, music, videos etc.
  • Face Unlock is a new screen-lock option that lets users unlock their devices with their faces.
  • Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth HDP support.

Spotify Music App for Windows Phone 7

Spotify is launching today for Windows Phone. Like other subscription music services, Spotify gives you on-demand access to millions of songs. But the service, which costs $9.99 a month, also lets you share your music on Facebook, Twitter, and Windows Messenger—and do some other cool things on Windows Phone like:
  • Browse and play your friends' Spotify top tracks, artists , and playlists (I was surprised to see how many of my Facebook friends were on Spotify and even more surprising to see what they're rockin').
  • Pin your playlists as Live Tiles to your Start screen for fast access (something I've done numerous times with the Bluetooth stereo connection in my car).
  • Play music in the background while running other apps or when your phone is locked.
  • Pause, play, or change tracks when your phone is locked with universal controls
You can download the Spotify app from the Marketplace. Spotify is available as a Windows Phone app in the nine countries where Spotify is currently available: USA, UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway, France, The Netherlands, Denmark and Spain.

Samsung overtakes Apple to become New Smartphone Leader!

Samsung became the new leader in the worldwide smartphone market, with total smartphone shipments topping the 20 million unit mark for the first time in the company's history. As in previous quarters, its Android-powered smartphones drove volumes higher, and joining the product mix was Samsung's refreshed Galaxy S II. In addition, its bada-powered smartphones continued to gain salience in the market, and a new Windows Phone smartphone is expected to launch in 4Q11

Apple fell to No. 2, shipping 17.1 million phones for a 14.5 percent share.

Nokia kept its hold on the No. 3 position, selling 16.8 million handsets for a 14.2 percent share. 

HTC shipped 12.7 million for a 10.8 percent share took 4th place.

RIM with 11.8 million units shipped and 10 percent market share was in fifth place.

But the launch of iPhone 4S will change the positions again in 4th Quarter. IDC analyst Ramon Llamas said, "Apple's fourth quarter launch of the iPhone 4S and lower pricing of older models will certainly boost volumes, and Nokia's recent launch of Windows Phone smartphones marks the beginning of a new era for the company."


FlightTrack App For Windows Phone 7

The best flight tracking app out there, now on your Windows Phone! Track flights with beautiful, zoomable maps or get real-time departure info, delays and gate numbers at a glance. Full international coverage means you can track all your flights worldwide.

Some of the features of the app are:
  • Real-time status for gates, delays and cancellations
  • Covers more than 4000 airports worldwide
  • Full international flight coverage with 1400 airlines
  • Beautifully optimized for your Windows Phone
  • Find alternate flights at a tap
  • Share flight status by email, Facebook, Twitter and SMS
  • Zoomable, live flight tracker maps
  • Offline mode for use in airplanes – maps still work
Download the app for $4.99

Samsung Galaxy S III to take charge next year?

The Galaxy S 2 is considered to be a huge success, but how can Samsung top it next year? Well one way is with a flexible Galaxy S III, and because Apple uses Sammy for some of their components there is no reason why the iPhone 5 cannot have the same kind of design. However, this could open up a whole can of worms between the two companies. Samsung is not the first phone maker to show off flexible displays, but you know that once they are focused on something they will become the biggest. The technology was shown off earlier this year during CES 2011, but PC World believes that it will start to be used on devices in 2012.

We have taken a stab in the dark that the Galaxy S III could offer a flexible design, but we cannot help but think that the technology still has a way to go. You only have to look at the current batch of smartphones, they struggle to last a day even with a battery the size they are.

Let’s be more sensible about this, Samsung will come out with a flexible display next year, but they will only be used on an ePaper or maybe even a TV.

iPhone 4S vs. iPhone 4 Battery!

Check out the battery life of iPhone 4 vs 4S:

iPhone 4S to Launch in More Countries by Nov 11th

Apple today announced that iPhone 4S, the most amazing iPhone yet, will be available in Hong Kong, South Korea and 13 additional countries on Friday, November 11. Customers will be able to pre-order iPhone 4S beginning on Friday, November 4.

iPhone 4S is packed with incredible new features including Apple’s dual-core A5 chip for blazing fast performance and stunning graphics; an all new camera with advanced optics; full 1080p HD resolution video recording; and Siri, an intelligent assistant that helps you get things done just by asking.

Beginning Friday, November 11, iPhone 4S will be available in Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, El Salvador, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Malta, Montenegro, New Zealand, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Romania and South Korea. iPhone 4S is available today in 29 countries around the world and will be available in more than 70 countries by the end of the year.

iPhone 4S comes in either black or white for a suggested retail price of $199 (US) for the 16GB model, $299 (US) for the 32GB model and $399 (US) for the new 64GB model.iPhone 4S is sold through the Apple Online Store, Apple’s retail stores and select Apple Authorized Resellers. iPhone 4 is available for just $99 (US) and iPhone 3GS is available for free with a two year contract from participating carriers.

Nokia Public Transport Demo

Check out the video demo of Nokia Public Transport:

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