Route 66 Maps for Android Phones

Route 66 Maps for Android phones has been launched recently and has been getting tremendous response in the android market. For a limited amount of time(for 30 days) the maps can be accessed free. Route 66 is infact the best in augmented reality navigation. The app provides an innovative, smart, and fun way to reach your destination.
Some of the features of the Route Maps:
  • Free access to the latest crystal-clear maps.
  • Stunning 3D content.
  • Handy links to Wikipedia and 14-day weather reports.
  • Free Text Search lets you find places with less effort.
  • 104 maps and clear spoken directions in 59 languages and dialects.
  • On-board and off-board maps.
  • Automatically download the map data you need while on the road, or store complete maps before you go.
  • Premium navigation.
With Route 66 you can get all the features of today’s leading navigation devices and more on your Android tablet or smartphone. Download the app for FREE.

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