Samsung Galaxy S III to take charge next year?

The Galaxy S 2 is considered to be a huge success, but how can Samsung top it next year? Well one way is with a flexible Galaxy S III, and because Apple uses Sammy for some of their components there is no reason why the iPhone 5 cannot have the same kind of design. However, this could open up a whole can of worms between the two companies. Samsung is not the first phone maker to show off flexible displays, but you know that once they are focused on something they will become the biggest. The technology was shown off earlier this year during CES 2011, but PC World believes that it will start to be used on devices in 2012.

We have taken a stab in the dark that the Galaxy S III could offer a flexible design, but we cannot help but think that the technology still has a way to go. You only have to look at the current batch of smartphones, they struggle to last a day even with a battery the size they are.

Let’s be more sensible about this, Samsung will come out with a flexible display next year, but they will only be used on an ePaper or maybe even a TV.

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