Samsung overtakes Apple to become New Smartphone Leader!

Samsung became the new leader in the worldwide smartphone market, with total smartphone shipments topping the 20 million unit mark for the first time in the company's history. As in previous quarters, its Android-powered smartphones drove volumes higher, and joining the product mix was Samsung's refreshed Galaxy S II. In addition, its bada-powered smartphones continued to gain salience in the market, and a new Windows Phone smartphone is expected to launch in 4Q11

Apple fell to No. 2, shipping 17.1 million phones for a 14.5 percent share.

Nokia kept its hold on the No. 3 position, selling 16.8 million handsets for a 14.2 percent share. 

HTC shipped 12.7 million for a 10.8 percent share took 4th place.

RIM with 11.8 million units shipped and 10 percent market share was in fifth place.

But the launch of iPhone 4S will change the positions again in 4th Quarter. IDC analyst Ramon Llamas said, "Apple's fourth quarter launch of the iPhone 4S and lower pricing of older models will certainly boost volumes, and Nokia's recent launch of Windows Phone smartphones marks the beginning of a new era for the company."


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