App Giveaway: Triple Entendre for iPhone FREE

Triple Entendre is a puzzle and trivia game for iPhone. It was inspired by old online riddles like notpr0n, godtower, and qwyzzle.

It is a difficult puzzle game where you need to find the answer on each level to move on to the next screen. Each level includes a combination of clues and photos where you need to figure out not just what the answer is but what the question is. Unlike traditional trivia games where a simple internet search will give you a correct answer, your problem solving skills will be needed to even start a web search.

Your brain power and trivia knowledge will be surely tested with this game. Currently there are 46 puzzles and frequent updates are planned with more puzzles every two weeks.

The game can be downloaded for $0.99 from iTunes. Below are the promo codes with which you can get this beautiful puzzle game for FREE:
  • 3R9FX77F3XAX

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