Nokia Lumia 710 Getting Positive Reviews from Users

Nokia Lumia 710 is getting positive reviews from users of T-mobile Nokia Lumia 710. Out of 42 ratings, 42 people said that they will recommend this device and gave 5 star rating to the phone. Some of the reviews of the phone are:
  • Windows Phone is very intuitive and easy to use. Consumers need to actually try the phone out a couple of days before realizing the user interface is way better than the cliche app icons on Android and iPhone.Although people keep calling this phone entry level, it is certainly not. It has a nice 3.7" ClearBlack screen that is perfect for me since those over 4" screens are hard to put in pockets. Even though its a single core processor, Windows Phone is very lightweight. This single core Windows Phone is faster and zippier than my other dual core phone bloated with Android. The 5MP camera takes pretty decent pics. The camera has a nice high quality lens like all Nokia phones.Great Phone, High specs, and Low Price.Pros: long battery life, music, volume level, touch screen, easy to use, great camera, processor, WiFi, memory, durable, GPS, fun games, great screen, great web browsing, great for texting, useful apps, speakerphone, 4g, windows phone
  • What FABULOUS value! Who in their right mind would spend $200 to $600 on other smart phones when you can buy this NOKIA for $50!!!!
  • I wasn't expecting much when I started playing with my brother's Lumia 710. A few hours later, and here I am with my very own! This phone rocks and is much easier to use than the Android device I used before. I like how the Live Tiles move and animate without me doing anything, and Nokia's build quality is always top notch!

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