Siine Keyboard for Android makes you to Type Newly

Siine Keyboard for Android is a new dynamic keyboard with super-fast shortcuts.It also gives symbols, clock and calendar in your keyboard for typing.

Siine works with e-mail, Facebook, WhatsApp, chat, Twitter or anywhere you need to type on your phone.

Some of the features of the app are:
-Shortcuts - Fully-customizable icons for super-fast shortcuts for greetings such as “Hey man, how’s it going?” to “Cool, talk to you soon”
-A built-in Clock and Calendar lets you text about time and dates easier than ever before!
-Stress Message screen for when you’re in a rush. Text “Sorry, can’t talk now. Call you right back” with only a couple taps of the keyboard.
-Slang Sets – Get cool add-on slang sets such as Street, Aussie and Flirting. “Waazzupp?? Holla at me yo!”
-Personalized Emoticons - Love Emoticons? Siine lets you create your very own!
-Sexy Delete – Delete text fast with the wiggle of your finger – ohh la la!

Download the app for FREE from Google Play.

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