Fat Fingers App for WP 7 Available

Fat Fingers App for WP 7 now available. FatFingers.com is a site that allows you to search eBay for those tucked away bargains where an item has been listed with a misspelling or type. For example, an item listed as "nokia lunia" won't show up in searches for "nokia lumia".

This app lets you do a 'Fat Fingers' search, save searches, pin searches to the start menu and even add an item to your eBay watched items list. All from within the app.

Some of the features of the app are:
- Search items
- List of recent searches (2 for trial, unlimited for full)
- Save searches (2 for trial, unlimited for full)
- Group search results by category (Full version only)
- Pin search terms to Start menu (Full version only)
- Add item to your eBay Watch List (Full version only)

Download the app for your windows phone 7 from marketplace.

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