Jazz for iPhone: The Ultimate Photo Editing App

Jazz is an ultimate photo editing app for your iPhone. Jazz will easily transform your iPhone photos into beautiful works of art with infinite looks and possibilities. It has infinite ways for you to completely customize your pics.

Its an incredibly simple interface on professional grade image processing filters. Some of the features of the app are:

- Powerful random style generator. Endless possibilities!
- Looks can range from clean and sophisticated to grungy or vintage...and anything in-between.
- Upload to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr with a simple touch.
- Save your own styles as presets to use again later.
- Style history. You can go back to the any random look that Jazz showed you.
- 15 professional grade image processing filters, including Film Treatment, Vignette, Bloom, Color Balance, Spot Focus. And some really cool creative filters like Plastic & Glass and Dirt, Grunge & Schmutz.
- Nothing else to buy. It just works.

Download the app from iTunes for $0.99

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