RoadPilot Mobile turns your WP 7 device into speed camera

RoadPilot Mobile turns your Windows 7 device into a LIVE speed camera warning system. Warnings are given for all types of fixed cameras. You will also be warned about LIVE mobile sites that have been reported by your fellow RoadPilot users.

RoadPilot Mobile is powered by the RoadPilot Omni Database of physically surveyed fixed speed cameras in more than 30 countries around the world.

Some of the features of the app are:
-Simple clear user interface
-Updates every 5 minutes or user selectable parameters to reduce data costs (factory default 15 minutes)
-Community data for mobile speed traps
-Live speed camera alerts
-Fixed camera alerts are directional and have associated speed limit (feature removes false alerts)
-Red light cameras
-Average speed cameras (in applicable countries)
-Congestion charge zone (in applicable countries ~ currently UK)
-Progress bar indicates distance to camera
-Automatically adjusts range to camera according to speed “Smart Software“
-Voice alerts (currently 6 languages)

Download the app for WP7 from marketplace.

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