Pairanoia Strategy Game for Windows Phone 7

Pairanoia for WP 7 is an addictive strategy game in the tradition of Qwirkle, Rummikub, and Scrabble. It as simple as matching colors and shapes, but also requires tactical maneuvers and well-planned strategy. You can play alone, test your skills against the computer, or challenge a friend.

Some of the features of the app are:

• Position pieces on the game board to form "pairs". A pair is two adjacent pieces of either the same shape or the same color, but not both.  One piece can be a part of more than one pair. Any two adjacent pieces must form a valid pair.
• In single-player mode, the object of the game is to form as many pairs as possible. Get extra points for completing your task faster.
• In two-player mode, your goal is form more pairs than your opponent.
• Track your performance over time and post your grade to online leaderboards.
• Choose from a variety of difficulty levels and draw pile sizes.
• Leave the game unfinished and come back later to complete it.

Download the app for windows phone 7 from marketplace.

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