Keep your Phone on a Leash; Use Cell Phone Trackers

Smartphones are expensive. Some like iPhone and Galaxy S III cost around six hundred dollars each. This makes them one of the most expensive possessions owned by a person. But these expensive devices have us hooked on them. They have made it easier for us to have access to entertainment and work while being on the move. But there is a huge problem that comes hand in hand with the increase in the dependence of people on their smartphones. This being that in the case that the smartphone gets lost or stolen, the owner loses a lot of personal and business information, which can prove to be very harmful to the owner. This is why it is recommended to use cell phone trackers like StealthGenie on your phone.

A multiplatform cell phone tracker, StealthGenie is compatible with all three of the world’s most popular smartphone operating systems. Here is the list of the compatible smartphone operating systems:
  • Android OS 2.1 till 4.0
  • iOS 4.0 till 5.0
  • BlackBerry OS 4.6 till 7.0
Cell Phone Tracker

StealthGenie’s primary purpose is to be an efficient cell phone tracker. To this end StealthGenie offers you two features. The first one is the Geo Location feature, which allows you to view the real time location of the target phone. The second feature that StealthGenie offers you is the Geo Tracker, which allows you to view the location history of the target phone.

Call logs Feature

StealthGenie also allows you to view the call logs of the target phone, including the number dialed and the time/date stamps.

SMS Messages Feature

StealthGenie allows you to view the content of the incoming and outgoing SMS messages of the target phone.

Internet Monitoring Feature

By giving you access to the web browser history and the bookmarks of the target phone, StealthGenie allows you to observe and monitor the internet usage of the target phone.

Call Recording Feature

This app allows you to record the incoming and outgoing calls of the target phone. You can even customize the settings to choose which calls to record and which to ignore. The recordings are uploaded to StealthGenie’s website.

Data Access

This cell phone tracker lets you view the data content stored in the internal memory of the target phone. You can view the pictures, music and video files saved in the target phone.

Chat Services

A very interesting feature of StealthGenie is its ability to allow you to view the chat conversations conducted over BBM and Google Talk.

Live Recordings

Finally, StealthGenie also lets you record the live surroundings of the target phone. This feature can be activated by sending an SMS command to the target phone.


StealthGenie offers multiple core packages to its customers at various prices. Its platinum package starts from 16 dollars a month and its basic package starts from 8 dollars a month. This makes this particular cell phone tracker a very tempting deal.

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